Dear visitors to my website, dear friends and interested parties,

Considering that the beginning of my career dates back to 1977 and even earlier, it will not come as a surprise that after an estimated 1,600 appearances I want to bid farewell to singing, or rather to the hassle of travelling and the stress of performing.

Nevertheless, for one last time the year that has just begun will provide a full schedule, including many beautiful and interesting performances. If I were asked to cherry pick the projects that are most dear to me, I would choose the Schubert recitals and a number of pieces I am going to premiere. In truth, however, I would not want to miss a single performance.

Very few appearances are planned for 2015 and 2016, among them my farewell recitals at Vienna’s MuTh, a number of recitals in England, France and Portugal, concerts in South Korea and Australia, but one may well say that 2014 will be my last full year as a singer.

Let me thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the years of faithful listening and interest in my art, in particular in the art of lieder singing. Your encouragement, appreciation and constructive criticism in whatever form have always meant a lot to me. But it definitely is too early for an ‘obituary’ – and, who knows, perhaps we will see each other at one of the forthcoming concerts.

With kind regards

Wolfgang Holzmair Jan 2014