The Singers Hands

© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven

© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven© Jan van de Ven

Gestures that would have scored minus points in a Lieder singing competition
Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers
His hands were constantly in motion, but not with the histrionic drama of a stage actor. It took me awhile to realize that the gestures were those of a conductor shaping the music, though responding to the beat rather than leading it.
Harvey Steiman, Seen and Heard International
Just the way Holzmair used his hands as he sang could be remarkably affecting.
Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun
It was Holzmair’s eloquent hands that did most of the expressive work, not his voice.
Mark Valencia, ClassicalSource
Stooping slightly, he acted out the songs with hand gestures, as though he was conducting himself, and sometimes his bountiful accompanist, Imogen Cooper, as he went along.
Richard Fairman, Financial Times
Every single finger movement of every hand gesture was dramatically orchestrated; every facial expression a spell-binding contact with the audience.
Reg Burnard, Wiltshire Times
Der Bariton entpuppt sich als begnadeter Erzähler, der den Text mit differenzierten Stimmfarben und unaufdringlicher Gestik plastisch gestaltet.
Gisela Trost, Der Bund
Most distracting of all was his hands, which were constantly mobile. This was a symphony for two hands.
Richard Nicholson, ClassicalSource
Intense body language
Jason Victor Serinus , San Francisco Classical Voice